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What is a session like?

No two sessions are the same. We'll always try to make you feel at ease and allow you to be you. If needed, we’ll sing, dance or make silly faces - whatever it takes to make you laugh. You'll often find us lying on the ground or peeking through tree branches; or climbing trees…(well, that may be a small exaggeration). But, we’re pretty much up for anything to make sure we get the perfect shot!



When should I book my session? 

TODAY! Why wait? Seriously, it’s never too early. If you're planning a quick shoot, let us know and we'll see if we can squeeze it in. Generally, contact us at least 2 weeks prior to the shoot to assure availability.



Where will my session take place? 

It’s your call. Your session can take place at a location of your choosing. We love to shoot where you feel most comfortable - in places that are relevant and meaningful to you. We can shoot at a park, by a lake, in a shed, in your car…  If you can think of it, we'll be there! Generally, for portrait sessions we like to stay within 20 miles of Eden Prairie/Minneapolis, but if your perfect location is a little farther, let us know and we'll work something out. 



Do I need to bring props? 

You are more than welcome to bring items that are relevant to you and will help us capture your personality. Your photo session is about YOU.  The photographs are meant to tell your story and represent who you are as an individual (or a family). Think of items that represent your hobbies and things you love - anything is game! If you're lost for ideas shoot us an email and we can help with creative brainstorming.



What about time? 

Basic sessions generally take 1-2 hours but can be done in as little as 30 minutes.  This is your custom portrait experience, and we strive to make it as comfortable as possible without making you feel rushed. Pinky promise. When scheduling family sessions, try to plan around your children's "happiest" times of the day. Also keep in mind, that despite how much we all love sunny days, direct sunlight is a photographer’s biggest enemy (think harsh light and squinting eyes). During spring and summer we try to shoot early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun is the softest and most magical. 



What to wear? 

Clothing is key in creating not only the perfect photograph, but also one that reflects your personality. This is not your traditional photography session, so feel free to bring multiple outfits and try out fun, unique looks. Color is your friend. We love clean, modern, minimalistic looks with a white background where you are the main focus of the photograph. But if your style is simple, and classic, solid colors will also work. Again – it’s about you and who you are. Bring your favorite hat, scarf, knit sweater or linen clothing...textures and accessories create wonderful detail in photographs. If you’re unsure about clothing choices, feel free to bring multiple outfits and we’ll be happy to guide you to which would work best for your session. Clothing changes are always welcome.


If you’re booking a group session, try to keep a similar theme to your outfit choices, using like colors and styles. We work to capture your expressions and relationships... and don't want to let clothing to get in the way of an already perfect subject.



Do I get the digital files? 

If you're booking a basic session, you will receive a link to a digital gallery with downloadable images with printing rights for the included files (for personal use only). If you're looking for a commercial shoot, please contact us for additional rights information. We also offer an array of print options if you choose to have your photos professionally printed. We offer prints, canvases, framed art – just about anything you can think of. Feel free to bring in a photo of your room/space and we'll help you create the perfect display. 



When will I see my photos? 

We know how excited you are about your photos, so we try to post a sneak peek on our Facebook page within three days of the shoot. You will receive your final images within 2-3 weeks from the shoot date, unless it’s a wedding.  For weddings, you will receive the final images within 6-8 weeks of your special day!

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